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Department of Speech and Hearing Science Intercollegiate Transfers


Each department recommends that before applying, potential students take courses in the area. Below you will find the recommended list of courses by Department. Please note: this list is not inclusive.

All departments strongly recommend that potential ICT transfers diligently work to complete the General Education Requirements. If available, the following courses are recommended for potential ICT transfers, however seats are limited and students within the major receive primary rights to the classes. It is recommended that students should receive no final course grade lower than a B.

Speech and Hearing Science

Students may choose courses in the department to explore the major including:

  • SHS 170 Intro to Human Communication: Systems and Disorders (fulfills a requirement for the major)
  • SHS 120 Children, Communication, and Language Ability (Gen. Ed. in Behavioral Science)
  • SHS 150 Hearing Processes & Disorders (Departmental Elective)
  • SHS 222 Language and Culture of Deaf Communities (Gen. Ed. in Social Sciences and US Minority)
  • SHS 270 Communication Disability in the Media (Gen. Ed. in Advanced Composition and Social Sciences)
  • SHS 271 Communication and Aging (Gen. Ed. in Social Sciences)
  • SHS 375 Communication Partners and Health (Departmental Elective)

Advisor Information

Speech and Hearing Science Advising Office

220 Speech and Hearing Science Building
Undergraduate Advisor: Kathi Ritten